Final Event this year!

Special offer – €575 includes everything:

food, accommodation, meditations, pick up from Funcheira train station

 28 Dec 2017- January 2nd 2018

Total Reset Meditative Retreat

Relax, enjoy, breathe, meditate, qi gong, horses, love, laughter, silence, space, let-go, go in, reconnect

Aren’t you tired of running against the clock?  Wouldn’t you like to remember where you started, and reconnect with yourself? Rediscover your dreams? Step out of the world as you know it? Stop? Breathe? RELAX?

Come for a Total Reset at Over the Edge Farm!

Step away from the daily assault of noise, information, and electronic stimulation that is dulling your senses. Come back to nature, your essence. Learn how to do nothing, breathe deeply and love who you are.

For our New Year retreat we will have a special letting go and letting in ceremony and a focus on life purpose/direction.


Let yourself go!