In 2017 we will run several workshops on natural horse care, aromatic medicine, meditation, self-awareness, horsemanship and land restoration. All the subjects that interest us. The longer workshops include a stay here at Over the Edge Farm and are limited to 5 or 6 people. If you can’t make it on these dates, or prefer to build your own programme, check out our Learning Holidays If you want any more info on any of the courses please contact Nayana by email, phone or Whatsapp +351 968 774022

March 25th – Essential oils for Horses (and dogs) with Nayana Morag, €45

Would you like an easy, natural system to help keep your animals happy and healthy? Come to this informative and enjoyable one day workshop. I will explain the basics of aromatic medicine, and how you can use them at home.

Call +351 968 774022 or email to reserve your place.

April 2nd – A Taste of Exploring Horse, with Nayana Morag, Invitation only

The world of “horse” is often unknown territory, even to veteran horse lovers. The herd and I invite you to explore this world. Become intimate with the habits and behaviours of horses in their natural environment, understand what motivates them and how they interact with each other and their universe. Take your horsemanship skills to a different level.

Nayana has been teaching horsemanship for many years. But her main focus is not what to ‘do’ with a horse, but how to be. In this day as well as observing horses in their daily activities, you will learn:

  • How to increase your self awareness and intuition,
  • How to direct and sense energy like a horse,
  • And how to interact with horses in a way that makes sense to them.

Call +351 968 774 022 or email to reserve your place.

April 27th-May 1st Animal PsychAromatica Level 1 Certificate Intensive. Cost €595

Animal PsychAromatica Level 1 is a certificate course, that teaches you how to use essential oils and zoopharmacognosy safely and effectively. Perfect for anyone involved in animal health or care, but suitable for any animal lover. There are only 6 places available on the course so book quickly. For more info on Animal PsychAromatica and the Certificate course go to Essential Animals (link opens in a new window).

There is nowhere in the world as beautiful as the Alentejo in April. Come, learn how essential oils can help your animals, see zoopharmacognosy in action AND enjoy the flowers and fragrance of spring.

The price includes 3 days teaching and 4 days full board, in a wooden cabin or caravan in our lovely camp.

May 8th -14th Aromatic Animals in Alentejo – cost €675 includes full board in wooden cabin or caravan, pick up from Funcheira train station or Faro airport, and all learning material. 

The Alentejo region of Portugal is an aromatherapist’s paradise, especially in the spring. Our hills are covered with aromatic shrubs such as lavender, cistus and helichrysum and the whole world is flooded with scent. Come and learn how we harvest and prepare these aromatics to use with our animals. In this week we will learn:

  • How to create an aromatic home pharmacy for yourselves and your pets,
  • How to use the aromatics with animals,
  • Essential oil distillation, with a local distiller
  • How to harvest wild aromatics,
  • How to macerate herbs,
  • Making lotions and potions

May 27th-28th Whole Horse Balance Affair €120

The weekend will look at the whole horse and how each part affects the other, from hoof to heart, tooth to tail. And explore how we can provide horses their natural needs in a domestic environment. With Fiona Pim Natural Balance Dentist and Animal Chiropractor.

For more info  Facebook Event page to book your place go here

July 3rd – 8th Whose space is it anyway? Developing energetic awareness

Horses are masters of energetic awareness. Much of their communication is based on subtle levels of energy pushing and pulling. As humans, we are trained to ignore our energy impulses and behave within cultural norms, which often involve lying about your true feelings. This causes inner discomfort. Hanging out with horses can teach you how to recognise and trust your own instinctive flow of energy, and how you can bring more honesty into your life. Nayana will also teach Qi (energy) development exercises, based on aikido and qi gong.

July 15th-21st Nature ‘plus’ Horse Care

How to give your horses the best of nature and nurture and provide his natural needs in a domestic environment. Learn from the experts, a herd of empowered horses who live as nature intended AND have trained their human hand-maiden well 🙂

July 29th-31st Being Horse, Meditations with the herd

September 4th-9th Reconnecting, with Love

For those who love horses, but decided the old ways are too harsh. Rediscover your heartfelt connection. Allow your heart to flower.

September 14th-25th APA Level 1 and 2 Certificate in Aromatic Animal Wellness €1,880

Learn this complete animal wellness system, developed by Nayana, based on her decades of experience treating animals for everything from mange to moodiness. It includes essential oils, hydrosols, herbs, Chinese medicine and animal behaviour management. For more info on the course click here. You can also book level 1 and 2 separately, and combine with online learning.

Price includes:

  • 12 nights food and accommodation
  • 9 days learning
  • Access to online course as well
  • Free PDF of my book
  • Airport transfer from/to Faro
  • On-going support and guidance as you complete 10 case studies (you have 1 year to complete them in order to receive the certificate)

APA level 2 €1,295 

You must have done APA1 either here on online to enrol on this course. Price includes:

  • 7 nights food and accommodation at Over the Edge Farm (
  • 6 days learning
  • Airport transfer from/to Faro
  • Access to online APA2
  • On-going support and guidance as you complete 8 case studies (you have 1 year to complete them in order to receive the certificate)

APA Level 1 €690

You can do this alone if you already have animal wellness qualifications, or just want to study for your own interest, for your animals or animals in your care.

Price includes:

  • 4 nights food and accommodation
  • 3 days learning
  • Airport transfer from/to Faro
  • access to online APA1
  • On-going support and guidance as you complete 4 case studies (you have 6 months to complete them in order to receive the certificate)

In Level 1 you learn how to use essential oils, zoopharmacognosy and the 5 element theory for holistic animal wellness support. Level 1 is for those who already have a qualifications in animal health or training, or if you want to know how to use essential oils safely for your own animals, or animals in your care.

In level 2, you learn how to be an animal wellness advocate and teach animal owners how to use aromatic extracts and species specific management for their pet’s health. You will learn how to assess meridian balance to bring a deeper level of healing to your clients, and how to guide owners in the safe use of essential oils, natural nutrition and stress reduction.

Spaces are limited to 5 people per course, so reserve your spot asap, by emailing or WhatsApp +351 968 774022