September 22nd – 29th 2018

Don’t Retreat, Embrace!


Join us for a week of meditation and celebration, in a uniquely beautiful and nourishing environment. Bathe your self in nature. Connect with your innermost core. Enjoy the feeling of your body walking the earth, here and now. Embrace the simple joy of being human.

Cost €825

€775 early bird till July 31st

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Renew yourself body, mind and soulIMG_8813

In this busy world of doing and getting it is essential to stop sometimes. To turn your attention to the truth that lies within you and let your heart sing.

To help you with this we will use meditations especially suited to our beautiful natural environment. You will be able to participate in:

  • The active meditations of Osho, to move your energy and ignite your joy,
  • Qi gong energy awareness exercises, to softly ground and center you,
  • Nature meditations, to deepen your sense of connectedness,
  • Heart song, to expand our hearts and inspire your creativity,
  • And most special of all, meditations with the 10 horses who live here with us as a natural herd on the land. Their natural capacity for being in the present and responding to what is will create the back drop to our experiences here.
    We have found that their presence and input is both magical and healing. (no equine experience needed !)
Masters of the present moment

You will also have plenty of quiet, contemplative time to enjoy the beauty of our off-grid paradise. Hang in a hammock, or take a dip in our spring-fed lakelet. We will feed you delicious multi-cultural vegetarian food to nourish your body. Or you can book a massage, Bowen therapy or other individual sessions.


Our camp is comfortable, with proper flush toilets and hot running water. Nestled among the cork oak trees, it blends into the surrounding nature, so you have the feeling of camping while being in a comfortable bed. Check out our accommodations , they will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Our food is delicious and plentiful.

A light lunch

This week is for you if you would like to re-inspire your life, nourish your inner world and live to your fullest potential. You will go home with a deep sense of relaxation, useful tools you can use day to day, and the supportive energy field that we will create to carry you forward in your life.

Cost €825

€775 early bird till July 31st

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IMG_7453When Zorba meets Buddha we reach our potential as human beings.

At Over the Edge, our day to day life embodies Osho’s vision of Zorba the Buddha, living with total commitment to the present moment, embracing whatever it may bring. Celebrating our humanity. Liberating our Buddha nature.

Meditation is a skill to learn and practice that allows you to live like this. In the beginning it’s helpful to put aside time to meditate, but once you have the knack, it flows through your whole life. The ReNewU Experience will nourish this knack.


The week is brought to you by the Over the Edge crew but will mainly be facilitated by Surahbhi McMellahn and Nayana Morag. They are both lifelong meditators, having lived and worked in Osho’s communities from their teens. We will have an afternoon of constellation work with Ma Moumina and Pratibha will come to sing with us.

Surahbhi has been a devotee of the mystic Osho from a young age. During her time in Osho’s communes she learned how to enter into dance and music as meditation, and as a support for her own personal journey inwards. She practiced all of his active meditations intensively and loves to share these with others.
Originally a musician, she also studied dance. She is a singer and songwriter, both performing and recording her songs.
She is also a Bowen Practitioner
Her big interest these days is how to learn from the natural world, and animals in particular the simple (but difficult!) practice of simply being present in the now.
Over the Edge Farm is the perfect place to practice this.

Nayana has loved horses all her life, and considers them the ultimate teachers of the Tao.  She lived and worked in Osho’s communes for 12 years, which rooted her in the attitude, “My daily life is my temple”.

Nayana is skilled in the art of inter-species communication and helps you understand the natural lessons that horses offer us.

Being with horses develops awareness of our body and energy, aligning our conscious and unconscious desires and behaviours, so we can harmonise ourselves with the flow of life.  Anyone can benefit from sharing space with horses.  No previous experience is needed.


Nayana is also an aromatherapist, with intimate knowledge and connection with the aromatic plants that abound here. Meditation enhances her conscious interaction with the land we care for.

She is author of 2 books on aromatherapy for animals and holds certificates in TCM Energetics, Balanced Health Kinesiology and Equine Assisted Learning. You can read more about her here 

Practical details…

Cost of the week is €825 and includes:

  • 7 nights full board, arriving from 4.00 p.m on Sept 22nd. Departing by noon on 29th
  • All food and drink, 3 meals, snacks, evening drinks
  • All activities of the the program
  • Pick up/drop off from Faro airport at (pick up at 4 p.m on 22nd, drop off by noon on 29th) or Funcheira train station (click here for train times from Faro and Lisbon).

Does not include:

  • Extra sessions of massage, Bowen, Star Sapphire, or with the horses.
  • Flights
  • Direct transfer from Lisbon airport (can be arranged for approx €180 per car)

Contact us if you have any questions or to reserve your place. Maximum of 6 participants so don’t hesitate if you feel the call!

We look forward to welcoming you here in our magical paradise!

rock rose cistus ladaniferus
Rock rose, ancient healer grows abundantly here

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This is what a day may look like:

Morning Active Meditation (Dynamic or gibberish) 7.30 a.m.

8.30-10 Breakfast Meditation

10- 11 Qi gong and energy awareness exercises

11.15 – tea break

11.45 Nature or Horse Meditation

1-4 Lunch break, personal quiet time, no phones. Possibility for individual sessions.

4 p.m Kundalini meditation

5.30 Sharing circle with drinks on the deck

7 p.m Dinner

Evening Celebration (may include singing, dance, night walks, silly games)

There will be minimal internet/phone time during the week

Booking conditions: Our land is steep, and we will be walking around in nature meditations, so you must be reasonably fit to enjoy this retreat. If you have any special dietary requirements please notify us and we will do our best to accommodate you. Food is vegetarian.
10% non-refundable deposit holds your place. Pay in full by August 31st. If you need to cancel after that we will refund in full if we/you fill your place. If we need to cancel for any reason full refund will be made