Are you tired of running against the clock?  Would you like to remember where you started and reconnect with yourself? Rediscover your dreams? Step out of the world as you know it? Stop? Breathe? RELAX?

Come for a Total Reset at Over the Edge Farm!

Step away from the daily assault of noise, information, and electronic stimulation that is dulling your senses. Come back to nature, your essence. Learn how to do nothing, breathe deeply and love who you are.

Over the Edge Farm is an off-grid paradise, where we live with our herd of horses. Our eco camp is nestled in the cork oak forest, with long views across the serene landscape of south Portugal.

Here you can let yourself relax and rediscover your own rhythm. Flow with your energy, free of timetables. Sit quietly, or participate in one of the active meditations, such as Qi gong. We can guide you in meditations that will suit your needs best, if you like.

Be nourished by our delicious vegetarian, multi-cultural food. Swim in our beautiful, fresh, spring-fed lake. Join us on the deck for evening discussions, about Truth, the Universe and Everything, or keep to yourself. It’s up to you!

You can also hang out with a herd of free roaming horses. Horses are natural meditators. They can reveal us to ourselves, softly, lovingly.  This is a profound experience that reconnects you to your essential being, and gives you an existential experience of being in the moment.

Over the Edge exists to be a space of light, love, laughter, peace, tranquillity and truth. Join us for a day, a week, a month. It’s up to you.

All prices include, single accommodation (10% reduction for two people sharing the same room), 3 meals a day, snacks, drinks etc. Participation in qi gong, horse care meditation, deck talks, and one session with Nayana and horses. Other sessions, massage, etc on request.

Long Weekend (3 days/4 nights) €575

Week (7 nights) €925

Add ons:

Personal meeting with horses: €45

Energy awareness for horse people and people people: €45