Life is learning

We love learning, it’s what makes life worth living. We also love to relax and enjoy the beautiful environment in which we live, and share this with others.

Our home is a fantastic classroom for learning about horses, nature, aromatic medicine and most importantly, yourself. If you love horses, or the idea of them, come and discover what they have to teach you, in a relaxed and supportive environment.

You don’t need prior experience with horses to benefit from these retreats. You will also have plenty of time to enjoy swimming in the lake, or walking and exploring this magical land.

Accommodation is either in wooden cabins or caravans. There is a communal kitchen/hang-out space, hot showers and plumbed toilets.  We will spoil you with delicious, fresh vegetarian food and all the comforts of home, surrounded by beautiful nature.

Choose from one of the options below, or design your own programme.  To book, or if you have more questions, contact us

Mini break: €275 2 nights full board and one day learning for one person

Long Weekend Break: €475 pp for 3 days learning and 4 nights full board in single accommodation. 10% discount for second person if sharing room

Per week: €725, 5 days learning 7 nights full board in single accommodation. 10% discount for second person in double room.

Full payment secures your place. 90% refund if cancellation made up to 2 weeks before. After that refund is at our discretion. 

We also have a full schedule of workshops and events you can check out here.

Aromatic Animal Care (4 nights/3 days)

The perfect holiday for anyone who loves animals, essential oils, peace and nature. You do not need prior experience of either essential oils or horses

Come and learn how we use essential oils and herbs to care for our animals. Experience our horses and dogs in nature and freedom as they select what they need for their well-being. You will learn theory and practice of animal aromatics from Nayana Morag, author of the book “Essential Oils for Animals”.

Subjects covered include:

  • All about essential oils, what they are and what they do
  • How we use them for day to day care of our animals, and how you can too
  • How to make gels, ointments, fly sprays and clays for first aid and daily care.
  • How animals select what they need for well-being.

Depending on the time of year, you may also harvest wild aromatic shrubs and make hydrosols, or macerate herbs to make ointments. In other words, you will be involved in all our aromatic goings-on. Contact us to book

In the presence of horses

For anyone who wants to know themselves more deeply and find the power of softness 

It is a profound and uplifting experience to hang out with horses who are free to interact as they choose. They help you see and understand yourself and connect you to the truth of your heart.

In these retreats we will hang out with the herd and learn from them how to be present with what is, and many other healing lessons. We will do simple meditations and awareness exercises to improve communication and observation skills and help you understand the world of horses better, and through that get insights into who you are.

The time together will be fluid (learning how to flow is one of the first skills a human needs when being with horses). What we focus on will be dictated by your interests and what the herd gets up to. Contact us to book

Developing Tranquil Assurance

All great horsemen have one thing in common, an inner quietness that doesn’t waiver. I call it tranquil assurance, and we can all develop it.

This package focusses on building your own inner quietness, with the help of the herd. When body and mind are quiet and aligned you can communicate effectively. This is achieved through awareness. I use techniques borrowed from martial arts, Alexander, and Feldenkreis, to increase body awareness; qi gong and aikido teach you grounding, centering, and how to direct your energy (and the horse’s) clearly and softly.

Working with the horses, observing how they communicate with each other, and understanding herd dynamics are an integral part of this programme. Contact us to book

Build your own programme

Especially good if you have a non-horsey partner you would like to share time with.

Cost: €375 pp for 1 week full board (10% discount for shared room) plus €55 each half day with Nayana, or €95 for a full day.

Do you want to learn about aromatics, or natural horse care? Or would you like to improve your horsemanship skills? Or a bit of both? First decide what interests you, then how much time you would like to dedicate to learning.

When you are not actively learning, you can swim in the lake, or take time to visit local attractions, or go to the beach, or swing in a hammock and listen to the breeze, or sit on a hill and watch the horses…..
Please contact us to discuss your interests and help you build a program that can include any of the below.

  • Aromatic medicine – essential oils, herbs, macerates, aromatic extracts, zoopharmacognosy,
  • Species specific management – barefoot management, natural nutrition, building and working with a herd, creating ‘as natural’ environments for domestic horses,
  • Horsemanship skills – how to develop feel and observation skills, true engagement of energy, body language and heart, balanced rider.
  • Self awareness – body awareness, meditation, centring, qi gong, aikido

Personal meditation retreat

The atmosphere and environment here at Over The Edge is very supportive to meditation. If you would like to come for your own retreat in nature and tranquillity we are happy to provide you space and support for as short or as long as you like. We are experienced ‘retreaters’ so can be a discreetly caring presence for your inner journeying.
Cost: €75 per day, €475 per week. Accommodation in single room, 3 simple meals delivered to your door. And any other support you may require. Contact us to book

Any other options?

As many as there are people in the world! Let us know what you would like to learn and we’ll help you arrange a programme.