A brief look at the 3 people who brought Over the Edge into being.

Nayana Morag is a life-long student of the horse. She has worked with horses and the people who love them all around the world, always seeking better ways to care for horses – body, mind and spirit. In this search she has become one of the worlds leading experts on essential oils for animals and author of books on the subject (for more about that see her site).

She also developed her own way of working with horses and teaching riding, based on self-awareness and including the principles of Aikido, a martial art.

For years Nayana wanted to have a place where she could live with a herd of horses, like a stationary nomad. A place where others could come and enjoy being with the horses in the same way she does, in their natural environment. Somewhere that the horses can express themselves so humans can truly connect with them. This is the place.

Zena Breumelhof and Nayana met in 1982 in Oregon, USA. Together they cared for the horses in a crazy, beautiful, communal experiment in living, inspired by the man now known as Osho.

Zena thought she was going to grow old in her beautiful little farmhouse in the Burgundy countryside. But the Edge was calling. So she, her horse and four cats, set off on a new adventure. She joined her friends in the Over The Edge project, combining her lifelong love of wild open spaces, animals and nature. She is a skilled gardener and loves taking care of animals, plants and people.

Many years ago, Dado Morag unwittingly bought Nayana’s favourite horse and took her from Oregon to New Mexico. Naturally, a few weeks later Nayana showed up on his doorstep looking for her horse. They’ve been together ever since. Dado says he is only here to serve the vision of the ladies, as his days of dreaming are all done. Nonetheless, his boundless energy has materialised this vision. He (with the help of many lovely friends) has produced buildings, fences, water, electricity and everything we need to live comfortably. And he’s a great cook!